Our Mission

A lifeline of connectivity for pharmacies to ensure an optimal therapeutic experience for patients receiving multiple prescriptions medication while increasing medication adherence and improving customer loyalty.

The Concept

With the project fully underway, it was time to lay down the framework of the application. Keeping user engagement high, driving pharmacy visits, and providing an easy to navigate flow of information became the building blocks for the RxNetwork Platform.

Process Diagrams

We created a breakdown of each user task that can be accomplished within the RxNetwork experience. Creating these artifacts kept the team aware of the motivations that drive the consumer to use the many features, as well as the path that they will take to do so.


Site Maps

It was important that we created a hierarchical diagram showing the structure of the RxNetwork application. This helped everyone who was involved visualize how users will navigate the site, what sort of content we would need to support them in their goals, and what sort of labeling we would use to identify things.


Since we understood what was required for a successful application, it was time to define the visual framework of the site. Wireframes were designed to accommodate for user paths, page content, and design layout.

The wireframes and site map established a go-to reference that informed page design and content prioritization. Additionally, annotated wireframes provided the developers with a clear understanding of page elements and their functions.

Wireframes are the blueprints of design. They are not aesthetically beautiful, but they do define the page structure and allow design to concentrate on bringing the experience to life visually without worrying about what should or shouldn’t be on the page.


Final Designs

Once we created the information architecture of the RxNetwork mobile application, it allowed us to completely focus on what the presentation layer would be like. Research told us that orange would serve as a metaphor for confidence, friendliness and success. We leveraged bright colors to keep the application approachable and used tested visual cues to keep the application usable.


App Features





Progress Snapshot
A real-time view of the user's entire RxNetwork experiences.

Provides Alerts
Progressively more intrusive alerts as users miss their prescribed dosages.

Alert that Facilitates Refill
Refill alerts combatsthe forgetfulness to refill a prescription, which accounts for 30% of medication nonadherence.

2-way messaging
RxNetwork influences proper adherence and treatment with motivational one-to-one alerts and messages, education, and behavioral rewards.

In-Store Promotions
Incentives, Rewards, & Promotions that influence and motivate medication adherence, vitals monitoring, therapy scheduling, and more.

Rewards for Motivation
Behavioral tailored rewards for medication adherence.

The Results

A secure web portal, a mobile app, and text-to-web communication combine to engage and motivate patients to: manage medications, access health/wellness information and rewards, and communicate with the Care Team.

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